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About Us

Helping Dancers Develop Confidence on the Inside that Reflects on the Outside

Stomp it Out Dance studio was started in 2013 by McKenna Flores with the passion and focus to help dancers find an activity where they can set goals, be in a positive environment, and have unique opportunities on and off the stage so our dancers can reflect confidence on the outside to help in all aspects of their life. 


Performance, Competition, and Tour

Our Program is passionate about helping our students have incredible opportunities no matter the level. Starting at just 2.5 years old, even our youngest dancers have the opportunity to dance at both a Christmas recital and a Spring recital. 

We know competition isn't for everyone, which is why we offer both performance and competitive teams. Our competition teams are met with a firm ideal to have BALANCE in all aspects of their life! Our competition team members will never practice more than two to three days a week at our program. We believe we can have great competitive dancers, with awesome opportunities, while still having time to be kids! 

Our competition teams are award winning teams placing overall at multiple competitions throughout the year. Competition teams compete 2-4 times a year with a dance convention in the fall. We also offer other optional competition opportunities for those who want to compete solos, duets, trios, and more. 

Tour is a unique opportunity each Summer where our dancers rehearse a show to perform in an incredible location. We have performed in front of the Statue of Liberty, in Central park, on the Independence of the Seas Cruise Ship in the Bahamas, in Disneyworld, in Silver Dollar City in Branson missouri, in Disneyland, and renowned Performance Theaters across Branson. It is our passion to help our dancers have incredible experiences while they are in our program. 


Meet The Team

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